1.  General provisions
1.1  By using COSMETRADER internet store you accept the following terms and conditions. COSMETRADER reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or their part with or without prior notice. Before making every purchase via the website you must familiarise yourself with the updated version of the Terms and Conditions. By using the website after the changes have been announced you accept all such changes.
1.2  These Terms and Conditions concern the sales conducted by COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., ul. Obywatelska 2A, 80-259 Gdańsk, Tax Id. No.:584-252-73-83, Statistical No.: 193067951, registered in the Business Register of the National Court Register maintained by Gdańsk – Północ Regional Court in Gdańsk, 7th Business Division of the National Court Register at the number 0000207644, via the Internet through the website: http://dermiclab.com/, hereinafter referred to as the Internet Store.
1.3  The sales are conducted via the Internet pursuant to the provisions concerning the contracts made remotely between a person placing an order  (Client/Guest, VIP Client, Consultant), hereinafter referred to as the Ordering Party, and COSMETRADER Sp. z .o.o. , hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
1.4   The Ordering Party may be any individual who is fully competent to perform acts in law, a legal entity or an organisational unit without a legal personality on condition that it has an electronic email account.
1.5    Each Ordering Party is obliged to familiarise itself with these Terms and Conditions prior to placing an order. Not being familiar with the Terms and Conditions does not release the Ordering Party from its obligation to follow them.
1.6   On placing the Order the Ordering Party acknowledges that it/ (s)he is familiar with the Terms and Conditions and thus fully accepts it.
2.   Personal Data Protection
2.1 The Ordering Party agrees that COSMETRADER Sp. z o. o. may process all the personal data provided by it/him/her for the purpose of performing the order or for other purposes specified by these Terms and Conditions.
2.2 COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. does its utmost to protect the Ordering Party`s personal data received from the Ordering Party. The information collected in this way is used only and exclusively for the purpose of performing the ordered service and is not made available to any external entities in any way, apart from delivery enterprises and couriers rendering their services to COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. and its Clients, banks and post offices rendering services to COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., when this data is necessary to carry out dispatch sales and fulfil the order. 
2.3  The information concerning the Ordering Party that is collected is only:
a) The IP address used for technical and statistical purposes, in accordance with the general rules of communication via the Internet.
b) The personal data provided by the Ordering Party on placing an order, opening an account or subscribing to the newsletter, that is, name and surname, date of birth, mailing address, telephone number and for those who wish to receive information on placing the order, news, updates and promotions of the company – the email address.
2.4 The account mentioned in 2.3. item b), is for saving the data of the Ordering Party in order to facilitate and speed up placing further orders in the future.
2.5 The newsletter mentioned in point 2.3. item b) is for informing the Ordering Party about novelties, special offers and promotions in COSMETRADER internet store.
2.6 The Ordering Party consents to receiving offers and commercial information from COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. via the newsletter, to the electronic mail address specified by the Ordering Party.
2.7 In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law of  29th August 1997, J. of L. No. 133 pos. 883 as amended, the Ordering Party has a full right to view his/her data and correct it, supplement it, update it, amend it and also demand its removal.
2.8 Providing the personal data is necessary to perform the purchase transaction. It is in the interest of the Ordering Party to provide correct data to enable contact with the Ordering Party and delivering the ordered goods.  The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., is not responsible for the consequences resulting from providing incorrect data.
2.9 The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to withdraw from performing an order if the Ordering Party has provided incorrect, incomplete or fake data.
2.10 The Ordering Party provides his/ her data voluntarily, being fully aware that their lack renders making a purchase impossible. By making a purchase, the Ordering Party consents to the data being processed for the purpose and in the scope necessary for the Seller performing the order.
2.11 The Ordering Party`s personal data is administered by COSMETRADER Sp. z o. o
3. Terms and conditions of shopping
3.1 The activity of COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. internet store consists in selling dermicLAB products via the Internet.
3.2 The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. does its utmost to ensure that the photographs on the website reflect the real look, condition and colours of the sold goods. At the same time  the Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., is not responsible for the discrepancies between the real look of a product and its picture, and in particular those resulting out of the settings of the Ordering Party`s monitor.
3.3 The photographs put on the store`s website are the property of the Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., and it is forbidden to copy, process and use them in any way without knowledge and consent of the Seller,  COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o.
3.4 All the prices given on the store`s website are gross prices in Euro.
3.5 The prices given on the store`s website do not include delivery costs.  The delivery costs are to be covered by the Ordering Party, according to the terms specified in point 5.2. and point  5.3.
3.6 The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. issues and documents the fulfilled order by a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice. In order to receive a VAT invoice, the Ordering Party must provide the correct company data of the recipient: name and surname or company name, registered address or place of residence and Tax Identification Number.
3.7 The contract is made once the Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. has confirmed the Ordering Party that the ordered item is available by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Ordering Party, i.e. an automatic message from the store that the order has been accepted for processing.
3.8 The Ordering Party is obliged to inform the Seller, Cosmetrader Sp. z o.o. about the changes concerning the order or delivery address prior to its dispatch, by contacting the Seller on the phone or via e-mail. Failure to do so will result in the order carried out on the basis of the data given on placing the order.
3.9 Placing an order combined with the selection of a method of payment described in point 4.3. items a, b, c, d, e  is effective upon crediting the bank account of COSMETRADER Sp. z o. o. with the entire amount of the sale and due costs of delivery.
4.  Methods of payment
4.1  Delivery costs depend on the value of the order, weight of the ordered goods and methods of payment specified in point 4.3.
4.2  The Ordering Party may select a method of payment.
4.3  The methods of payment available in the store are:
a)  Payment on delivery – only in the territory of Poland; no additional data of the Ordering Party is collected for payment on delivery apart from the data necessary to perform.
b)  Payment by credit card in Euros.
c)  Dotpay system payment – a safe method of fast internet payments.

d) Payments via the PayU and Przelewy24 systems - the operator of the payment cards is PayPro SA Agent Rozliczeń, Pastelowa 8, 60-198 Poznan, entered into the Register of Enterpreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District court Poznan Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznan, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000347935, NIP 7792369887, REGON 301345068.

5.   Delivery costs
5.1  They will be specified upon making the purchase according to the information given.
5.2  Delivery costs may change due to a change in the service fees of the respective deliverers.
5.3  It is possible to collect the ordered goods in person at: COSMETRADER Sp. z o. o., ul. Obywatelska 2A  80-259 Gdańsk, Poland.
6.   Performing orders
6.1 The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to refuse to perform an order or its part is the ordered product is unavailable. The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. is obliged to inform the Ordering Party of such a fact via an e-mail message sent to the e-mail address provided by the Ordering Party.
6.2 Payments for goods via a bank transfer are made to the bank account of  Cosmetrader Sp. z o.o. maintained by Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna, ul. Grzybowska 53/57, 00-844 Warsaw.

Account in PLN:87 1240 1268 1111 0011 2180 4054

6.3  Orders are performed every day.
6.4. Orders paid via a transfer are performed not earlier than after the due sales amount has been credited on the bank account of COSMETRADER sp. z o.o.
6.5  The Seller is not responsible for a delay in processing an order or if processing an order is rendered impossible for reasons beyond the Seller`s control, and in particular due to delays in bank operations or faulty manner of rendering a service by a deliverer.
6.6  The amount due for payment specified in a receipt or a VAT invoice includes the gross price of the ordered goods and the delivery costs.
6.7  The Ordering Party may select the manner of having the goods delivered. The available forms include dispatch by courier, or collecting the goods in person on the premises of the company or in a designated sales point of COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. in Poland.
6.8   The time of completing the order depends on the time set by the courier company.

7.   Claims and returns
7.1 All the goods available in COSMETRADER internet store come from a legal source, are original and have a quality warranty from the producer.
7.2  The Ordering Party may withdraw from the contract and return the ordered goods without a reason and without bearing any costs by making a written Statement of withdrawing from the remote contract within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the consignment.  The products must be returned in an intact condition, without any damage in original packaging. The Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. shall accept the returned goods on condition that there is the fiscal receipt or the VAT invoice attached to them. In this case the Seller, COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. shall return the costs of purchasing the goods to the Ordering Party within 14 (fourteen) working days of accepting the return / the returned goods and receiving the Ordering Party`s written statement of withdrawing from the contract of sale, with the same method of payment as used by the Ordering Party, unless the consumer has explicitly agreed to a different method which does not result in any costs, to the bank account specified by the Ordering Party.  The return is made at the cost of the Ordering Party.
7.3 Claims are considered within 14 (fourteen) days at the latest from the date of the Seller receiving the claimed goods.
7.4 Claims are reported on the Claims Form or via e-mail office@cosmepick.com. Prior to dispatching the claimed goods please inform the branch of COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o. about the planned return at the e-mail address: office@cosmepick.com or by calling on (058) 554 10 71, giving the exact reason for the claim, the quantity of claimed goods and batch/ series number.
7.5 Claims shall be considered on the basis of the receipt or the VAT invoice of the purchase confirming that the order has been performed and the completed Claim Form or a detailed description of the situation on a piece of paper attached to the faulty product.
7.6  The Ordering Party may raise a claim for the purchased goods in the case of detecting physical faults in the goods or if the goods are incompatible with the placed order.
7.7  The Seller, COSMETRADERSp. z o.o. is not responsible for any damage to the goods resulting out of their wrong use.
7.8  Physical defects in the goods should be reported by the Ordering Party without delay, within 7 days of receiving the delivery at the latest.
7.9  Claims concerning the damage to the goods during transportation via a courier company shall be considered only on the basis of notification (report on damage) made with the employee of the courier company on delivery.
7.10 Differences in colours between the goods received by the Ordering Party and the goods shown in the store`s website may result from different monitor settings and are not subject to claims.
7.11 Should a claim be accepted, the damaged or faulty goods shall be exchanged to other, fault-free ones. Should such an exchange be impossible due to the facts that these goods are out of stock, or at the Client`s request, the Seller shall refund the equivalent of the price to the Client or offer different goods to the Ordering Party that are available in the store and have a similar value.
7.13 Returned and claimed goods should be sent to the following address: COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., ul. Obywatelska 2A , 80-259 Gdańsk, Poland.
7.14 The delivery costs related to sending the claimed goods shall be covered by COSMETRADER Sp. z o.o., should the claim be approved.
8.  Final provisions
8.1 By placing an order in COSMETRADER internet store, the Ordering Party declares that it/(s)he is familiar with and accepts the above terms and conditions of using the internet store.
8.2 In the matter not regulated hereunder, the provisions of the Polish law, and in particular the Civil Code, shall apply.