We are a German brand offering natural and vegan body care cosmetics.

The basis of our brand is the effective and sustainable use of natural resources, aimed at creating high-quality body care cosmetics.

We’d like to help you with your daily bodycare, but also to make sure that our products do not disrupt the natural environment in any way. Our products are all about nature, and to achieve this, we use only carefully selected ingredients. Our whole range is natural and vegan. We try to avoid plastic in our packaging as much as possible and keep outer packaging to a minimum. What's more, all our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

Nature has given us a huge arsenal of herbs and plants, thanks to which we can eliminate a truly gigantic amount of skin problems. There are many natural substances and active ingredients for different uses and needs. We have selected a few of them which - in our opinion – are just the best. We’ve thoroughly tested them and incorporated them into our assortment. We place high demands on ourselves in this process. We also take care of the certification of our products to give you an additional guarantee of their quality. All our cosmetics contain only ingredients of 100% natural origin, are vegan, and free from microplastics. You won’t find parabens and phthalates in our products.

We’re always on the lookout for even better solutions than the ones we currently offer. We support committed people and creative projects to make the world friendlier and healthier for everyone. We do all this with conviction and enthusiasm. In doing so, we rely on the ever-growing Ben&Anna community.